Baby's Body Found in Red Wing, MI Among Hospital Linen; Police Working to Find Parents

Workers for a laundry service in Red Wing, Michigan discovered the body of an infant among linen taken from a hospital in St. Paul, another nearby town. Police are asking for any help in identifying the infant and are conducting an intense investigation into the circumstances of the infant's death.

"What we have is that when they were preparing the laundry, a baby had fallen out of a sheet, and that they had called the hospital where the laundry had come from, and that they immediately sent people down to pick it up. It was after this had taken place that we received a call," Red Wing Police Chief Roger Pohlman told the Star Tribune.

The call to the hospital in St. Paul, Michigan was made before police had a chance to investigate; as a result, they would not state whether the infant was male or female, or say what the baby's race was. They did interview witnesses at the scene and are now working with St. Paul police in order to trace the steps taken by the laundry company and find the infant's parents.

Police have labeled it a "death investigation" but have not been able to comment as to the nature of the baby's death. A medical examiner has been called in to help determine a cause of death, the Star Tribune noted.

"It's tough, that's why we're trying to do a thorough job and be careful that we don't try to speculate. Right now there's just so many unanswered questions, and we want to respect the hospital and family's rights. Somebody should know where this came from. Until we can get it all pieced together, I want to make sure that we respect everyone involved," Pohlman said.

As far as Pohlman is aware, no parents have been made aware of the death of a child, adding to the mystery surrounding the infant's disappearance. The only reports that police have are secondhand at this point, and Pohlman has asked for privacy for all those who may be involved.