Bachelor Dismisses Tierra for Her Own Well Being After House Drama? (VIDEO)

To the happy surprise of many of the shows fans, Tierra LiCausi was sent home on Monday night during "The Bachelor."

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(PHOTO:Facebook/Tierra LiCausi)Tierra LiCausi dismissed.

Sean Lowe has progressively been earning himself the title of "Best Bachelor Ever," according to some diehard Bachelor fans. Despite being called "too perfect" by Emily Maynard during his "Bachelorette" appearance and "boring" by fans eager to watch drama on the show unfold, Lowe appears to have one mission and that is to find a wife- which is supposed to be what the show is all about.

More than just being a "good guy," Lowe has also excelled where Bachelor contestants in the past may have failed, leading them inevitably to make what appeared to be the wrong decision when picking a future wife. Lowe exhibited what many believed to be good judgment Monday night when decided to send Tierra LiCausi home.

LiCausi had been deemed the "villain of the season" and was disliked by most of the girls in the house. Often in the past, Vienna Girardi for example, it is the villain that wins the season- but not this time. Following yet another emotional breakdown on the show, Lowe decided to send LiCausi home before the rose ceremony had even begun.

During a one-on-one date, LiCausi had complained to Lowe that she felt he had become distant. While in the house she also accused AshLee Frazier, whom she previously referred to as a "cougar," of attempting to interfere in her relationship with Lowe. After LiCausi reported on the argument to Lowe, he made the unexpected decision to send her home early for the sake of her emotional well-being. LiCausi appeared shocked.

"I can't believe he did this to me! I just want to go home," she in the van ride away. "I hope the girls got what they wanted."

"One too many dramatic spills had happened and I think when he came in and another dramatic scene happened, he probably saw her true colors at that point," Frazier said in an interview after the show. "When she went home, I thought, 'OK, finally, now let's get to what 'The Bachelor' is really about. Finding love.'"