'Bachelor' Winner Giudici 'Crying' After Sean Lowe Fight?

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(PHOTO) People.com'Bachelor' couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici on the cover of People magazine (March 13 2013)

"Bachelor" Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are reportedly having relationship problems just weeks after the couple's engagement aired on the hit ABC reality TV show.

Lowe, 29, was spotted celebrating his first "Dancing With The Stars" performance at L.A. Hotspot The Sayers Club on March 18. While Giudici, 26, was also in attendance, sources claim that a public blowout left the season 17 "Bachelor" winner in tears.

"About an hour after they arrived, Sean and Catherine were in a corner, and she was clearly mad at him, yelling at him," an alleged onlooker told Life & Style magazine.

"Sean was trying to talk to her, but she didn't want to hear it. She was fed up with him and rolled her eyes. Then she started crying, wiping her eyes and looking away from him," the source continued.

Lowe, who is a Christian model and entrepreneur, proposed to Giudici during the season finale of the reality TV dating show. The couple is currently planning a TV wedding, but some are now questioning whether they will actually make it down the aisle.

Hours prior to their appearance at The Sayers Club, the reality TV couple reportedly stopped by a "DWTS" afterparty at Planet Dailies. Onlookers claim that there the couple seemed to be distant.

"They sat side by side at a table at the back of the restaurant with some friends, but they hardly talked," one party guest revealed.

"Catherine was texting on her iPhone while Sean was drinking beer and toasting with his buddies that he had flown in from Dallas," the source explained. "He was being very goofy, very frat boyish, and Catherine looked like she didn't want to be there."

The couple professed their undying love for one another after Lowe presented Giudici with a Neil Lane 4.3-carat platinum engagement ring valued at $76,000 in Thailand. While most "Bachelor" couples almost always appear to be in love during the season finale, the vast majority do not make it down the aisle.

Days after their public fight, the engaged couple was again allegedly seen arguing while walking back to their apartment complex.

"I could hear Catherine talking to Sean, and she sounded annoyed," another insider said.

"They were having a disagreement about something. I heard Catherine say, 'That is annoying, Sean. Why do you say that?' Sean was trying to calm her down," the source added.