'Bachelorette' Finale 2013 Spoilers: Will Desiree Find Love? Will Brooks Return? (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Twitter/Desiree Hartsock)Desiree Hartsock has been named season nine's star of "The Bachelorette."

Will Desiree Hartsock find true love on tonight's finale of "The Bachelorette"? Or will she walk away from the two men who proclaim to love her? Last week left so many questions unanswered: what will Desiree do now that the one man she expected to be with left her heartbroken and alone?

Brooks stunned Desiree when he confessed that he just did not feel the same way she felt about him and was not ready to commit to a relationship, let alone propose. As last week's episode ended, Desiree was beside herself with grief… and two other suitors were in the dark about what had just happened. Tonight's episode will hopefully answer a lot of questions viewers have, and it's sure to cause quite a commotion whatever Desiree decides to do.

Right now the two remaining men, Drew and Chris, have no idea what just happened with Brooks. So tonight will see them learn of the situation and decide if they still want to continue, knowing that Desiree's heart was truly with Brooks.

"Part of the problem we have to solve in the finale is that we have two happy guys, Chris and Drew, who are head over heels in love with her and who have no idea that Desiree just had her world rocked," host Chris Harrison told People. "It may not be much of anything next week other than her talking and saying goodbye to the other two."

However, there could be the possibility that Brooks regrets his decision and makes a surprising appearance to sweep Desiree off her feet. But if he does, would Desiree trust him not to break her heart again?

"She may be open to it or maybe she learned her lesson and he's not the guy anymore," Harrison noted. Harrison assured viewers, though, that even if Desiree should choose to be with Drew or Chris, she does have feelings for them. Brooks was not the only man she said she loved, which could play out well for Drew and Chris and give them a fighting chance.

"The Bachelorette" season finale airs tonight on ABC.

Watch a preview of the finale HERE: