Backing Away From Barack

 While liberals have been supportive of President Barack Obama for most of his presidency, that may be starting to change. Recently, Obama-friendly media and Democrats have not been as friendly as they used to be.

Some liberals appear to have turned sour on Obama within the last two months over the malfunctioning "Obamacare" website, and his broken "if you like your health care, you can keep it" promise.

The Chicago Tribune endorsed Obama twice and is located in his hometown, but recently the left-leaning newspaper has become one of the president's harshest critics, especially with its editorials.

On Nov. 11, the editors said the Affordable Care Act, or "Obamacare," is a "train wreck" and not working. The editorial, "Truth, consequences and Obamacare," appears to have originally been called "Lies, consequences and Obamacare," from the title on the browser tab. In another editorial the next day, the editors called the ACA "a giant, exasperating mess." And on the third day, Nov. 13, the Tribune editors called on Congress to overhaul the entire ACA: "the only way to rescue the Affordable Care Act will be a complete congressional reimagining of the law."