Bacon Sundae Unveiled at Burger King Thursday

News of Burger King's Bacon Sundae swept the internet Wednesday, one day before the dessert's release.

Starting a Twitter trend, the Bacon Sundae has captured online user's attention with many anxiously anticipating its arrival on Thursday.

In an attempt to close the competition with rival fast food companies such as McDonalds, Burger King's newest menu item boasts vanilla ice cream alongside a strip of bacon, drizzled in chocolate and caramel.

The interesting ice cream treat is not the only addition to BK's menu. The company will also unveil a barbecue sandwich, sweet potato fries, and frozen lemonade on Thursday.

Coming in as the third most popular fast food restaurant in the U.S., BK is trying to bolster sales with both healthier choices and unique offerings.

On Twitter, users have expressed mixed reactions to the sweet-and-savory new treat.

"Burger King has a bacon sundae coming out… yuckkkk," wrote Marcelina.

"Maybe not refreshing, but possibly delicious," wrote USA Today.

Comedian Andy Borowitz joked, "Burger King, on its new bacon sundae: 'We never stop thinking of new ways to kill people.'"

"Sounds amazing," wrote Amy, while Ebo posted, "ewwwww! that sounds FAT!"

"I may lose some followers for this one," warned Twitter user Christine. "But that Burger King bacon sundae sounds disgusting."

The bacon-ice cream addition may be Burger King's attempt to emulate the success of bacon-inspired treats already found at smaller fast food chains such as Denny's and Jack in the Box.

At Denny's, the Maple Bacon Sundae offering features vanilla soft serve ice cream with bacon bits drizzled in maple syrup, and has become a well known and liked staple at the restaurant.

Similarly, Jack in the Box offers a bacon milkshake which features vanilla ice cream but with bacon-flavored syrup.