Bar Refaeli Upst Over 'Sexual' TSA Pat Down

Israeli super mode Bar Refaeli is upset at the Transportation Security Administration after what she is describing as an invasive pat down.

This incident came to light after Refaeli posted a revealing tweet as to her experience with the TSA screener.

"I got a security 'pat down' by a woman at the airport that made me feel very uncomfortable and left no doubt about her sexual preferences," Refaeli tweeted to her account on April 17.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model did not reveal which airport she was in when the incident occurred, but she had been seen in London earlier in the week and posted photos to Twitter from several well-known attractions.

This isn't the first airport incident for Refaeli. In 2009, one of the model's photos from an issue in Sports Illustrated was painted on the side of one of Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 airplanes. That picture created a wave of criticism from groups who felt that the picture was inappropriately sexual and "offensive to families."

There have also been several other celebrities which have complained about their experiences with the TSA.

A former Miss USA winner made headlines last year after claiming she was "molested" by a TSA agent, while "Dancing With The Stars" professional Cheryl Burke also complained of a similar experience last year.

Khloe Kardashian was criticized by victims' rights groups after saying that TSA agents are "basically just raping you in public."

Refaeli split from her on-and-off boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio, after five years in May 2011.