'Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada Misses Jennifer Williams; Headed for Reconciliation?

Evelyn Lozada recently opened up about her on-going feud with her "Basketball Wives" co-star Jennifer Williams and revealed that she misses her former best-friend.

During episode 15, Lozada aired Williams' dirty laundry during a heated confrontation and admits that in doing so she "broke the friend code," according to VIBE Magazine.

"I live by loyalty and I feel like, at that point, I broke the friend code. I should have never broken that code and I should have never stooped down to that level," Lozada told Vibe.

Lozada publicly slammed Williams for allegedly having unprotected sex during a girls' trip to Las Vegas, and despite trying to physically harm her in previous episodes, the 36-year-old says that she still cares about Williams.

"I miss her. We were friends for 10 years. I was in her wedding, so you know yeah, and your thinking you guys are going to do this show together, your BFF, and then you're kind of like 'what happened'?" Lozada said.

"And we are mutual friends with a lot of people, so everything else became weird energy. It was tough," she added.

The reality TV star became enraged during Season 3 of the VH1 reality show after learning that Williams had openly criticized her fiance Chad Ochocinco while participating in a media interview.

Although the pair was able to salvage their friendship, Williams allegedly did the same thing again in a later interview which ultimately pushed Lozada over the edge and sparked a bitter feud.

"I don't hate her. People just get caught up in this industry; you do interviews and say certain things. I truly don't wish her anything negative, we've gone through a lot together as friends from moving out, men drama, all types of stuff," Lozada said.

Meanwhile Williams recently took to her personal blog where she blasted Lozada for airing her private business insisting that it is not something that she would ever do regardless of whether the person is a "friend or foe."

"What ever happened to the "G Code"?...Whether the validity of things being said about me was true or false, as a friend there are certain things I would NEVER do," Williams wrote.

"If you tell me something in confidence friend or foe, whether I don't speak to you 20 years from now I will respect that and you will never have to worry about me repeating a word," she added.

Both Williams and Lozada have reportedly signed on for Season 5 of "Basketball Wives," although it is still unclear whether they intend to mend their friendship.