Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada Talks Tami and Kesha Fight

"Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada has spoken out about Monday night's episode which was so widely condemned that her co-star Tami Roman was forced to issue a public apology to new comer Kesha Nichols.

Viewers of the Vh1 reality TV show took to social networking sites Facebook and Twitter to vent about Roman's behavior, which many critics referred to as "bullying," after witnessing Nichols endure extreme verbal abuse and some critics accused Lozada of being equally as guilty as Roman for failing to step in.

"Last night's episode was a whirlwind of emotions for everyone. It's such a sensitive subject for me because I honestly see it from both sides. I'm not here to condemn or condone anyone especially given some of my choices this season, however I will say that once again last night's episode and all that happened forced me to look at and examine myself in ways that I haven't in the past," Lozada wrote on her Vh1 blog.

"No matter what the situation is, I'm realizing that we as grown women are allowing ourselves to be placed in a position for judgment. I'm confident that I speak for many of us on the show that when it comes to creating a better balance for television, we are all working very hard to do just that," she added.

During episode 13 Roman, 41, confronted Nichols during a group trip to the island of Tahiti about alleged gossiping that had taken place with the other cast mates.

Despite Nichols' plea for peace, the mother of two began hurling verbal abuse at her while the other cast members Suzie Ketcham, Shaunie O'Neal and Lozada silently looked on.

"Many of us are getting help for our inner issues and striving to portray a more positive image overall. Tahiti was just an example of all of us being a true work in progress…Hang in there with us, as we vow to grow and become better!" Lozada wrote.

While Roman recently apologized for her antics, Nichols recently took to her blog where she referred to herself as a victim of "bullying."

"What I experienced was extremely difficult and emotional for me, as I'm sure it is for all victims of bullying. Unfortunately, I had to relive my personal experience by watching it happen on national television. At the same time, I now have a platform to bring awareness to the issue of adult bullying in today's society," Nichols wrote on her personal blog page.

"Basketball Wives" has been renewed for season 5 but VH1 and Shed Media executives insist that they will now encourage cast members to resolve all of their issues in a "non-violent fashion" going forward.