'Basketball Wives' Fired: Gloria Govan 'Disappointed' Vh1 is 'Using Us' (VIDEO)

"Basketball Wives LA" star Gloria Govan has spoken out just days after it was claimed that she along with the majority of her castmates were fired by the show's producers and the reality TV star admits that hearing the news has not been surprising.

On Monday TMZ.com reported that sisters Gloria and Laura Govan; Malaysia Pargo and newcomer Brooke Bailey would not be asked to return for season three of the Vh1 reality TV show leaving their co-stars Jackie Christie and Draya Michele and the potential to hire new cast members. The gossip site recently approached Gloria about her rumored firing and she confirmed that there very well may be some truth to the rumors.

"You know I just heard about it," Gloria told TMZ. "I kindda had a feeling I guess because the producers and I weren't really on the same page since the get go so its not that this is a surprise to me just the way that they put it out there is a little disappointing more than anything."

In September it was revealed that Gloria, 27, had married her long time boyfriend Matt Barnes, 32, in Las Vegas before family and friends. Producers were not informed about the couple's nuptials which reportedly led to her firing.

"I heard it through the grapevine which was a little bit shocking than anything, but like I said it was a conscious decision not to put my relationship out there since day one and you know I guess my real life just wasn't as exciting as it was supposed to be for the show," she explained.

Shaunie O'Neal, an executive producer of the show, recently hinted that she would be giving the reality TV show a "complete makeover," following a reported ratings decline. It has also been claimed that producers were growing increasingly frustrated because some cast members were not allowing for "all of their reality to be filmed," a claim that likely relates to Gloria's recent wedding.

"A lot of people weren't invited to the wedding but we talked and I told [the producers] since day one that I wasn't gonna put my relationship out there and they touched a little bit on my reality with the movie and the cook book coming out but I guess they were just a little disappointed that I wasn't going to have that on the show," Gloria said.

The mother of two admitted that she is disappointed with the Vh1 network, which airs the show, and that she believes that network executives have failed to come clean about her future with the show. She suspects that they have a hidden agenda to ensure that the soon to be "fired" cast mates show up for the upcoming reunion show taping.

"I'm really disappointed in Vh1 the way it came out. They're telling us that we're not fired...they have been sending emails and...I think that they're just using us and telling us that we're not fired so that we show up for the reunion," she said.