'Basketball Wives' Gloria, Laura Govan New Reality Show Reveals 'True' Life of NBA Wife

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(PHOTO) Instagram: @lauragovanReality TV star sisters Gloria and Laura Govan pose with their partners Matt Barnes and Gilbert Arenas on Gloria and Matt's wedding day

"Basketball Wives LA" stars Gloria and Laura Govan are reportedly planning their very own reality TV show following reports claiming the Vh1 show is not retuning for a third season.

The outspoken sisters, who were often at the center of drama surrounding the "Basketball Wives" franchise, are teaming up for a "family" style show which is set to feature their respective partners and children. Govan recently spoke out about the project in an interview with TheJasmineBrand.com.

"We're working on a family show – me and my sister, Gilbert, Matt, all of our kids – you know, my sister has got like 18 kids," Gloria joked to TJB.

"I [was] just saying 'Gosh! You have a lot of kids!' Yeah, it's really 4. But it feels like 18, because they're all over the place," she continued. "So yeah, we're doing a lot of stuff. We have a lot of stuff that we're doing together which is really cool."

Gloria, 27, was admittedly disappointed in 2012 after allegedly learning through the media that she along with her "Basketball Wives LA" costars had been let go by the show's producers. Months later reports claimed the entire show had been canceled altogether.

Despite the show's rumored cancellation the mother-of-two is optimistic about her future as she claims having her own reality TV show will enable her to show viewers the "true grind" of being a basketball wife. Gloria is the wife of Los Angeles Clippers star, Matt Barnes, and Laura is linked to former NBA star, Gilbert Arenas.

"So the show would be just the Govans. I mean the Govan sisters and their husbands and their families... But really, we just want to show people that the real, true grind of the basketball wives and just being what it looks like to be in that life," Gloria said.

"Mainly I think it'd really just show us and our families and how much stuff we really have going on," she explained.

According to reports, "Basketball Wives LA," which returned to Vh1 for a second season in September, suffered a drastic decline in viewership by its fifth episode. The show reportedly attracted just 1.8 million viewers during it's Sept. 10 premiere episode, and this figure plummeted to just 1.2 million by episode five, according to Bossip.com.

It was a clear contrast to the Miami show, which previously attracted close to four million viewers during its peak.

Gloria previously spoke out about reports surrounding her and Laura's departure from "Basketball Wives LA."

"You know I just heard about it," Gloria previously told TMZ.com. "I kinda had a feeling I guess because the producers and I weren't really on the same page since the get go so its not that this is a surprise to me just the way that they put it out there is a little disappointing more than anything."