'Basketball Wives' Jackie Christie Song 'Woman of The Year' Released (AUDIO)

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(PHOTO) Basketball Wives: LA - FacebookCast of "Basketball Wives LA" season 2

"Basketball Wives LA" star Jackie Christie recently released her debut single "Woman of The Year" on iTunes and fans appear to be stunned by her latest project.

The reality TV show villain and wife of retired NBA star Doug Christie debuted the R&B track which many suspect was named in honor of her 2011 National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) award. The organization named Jackie Professional Woman of the Year "for her outstanding leadership and commitment within her profession."

The almost 4-minute long song was originally posted on a celebrity gossip site. It references Jackie's past struggles and her journey to success while boasting about her lavish lifestyle and ultimately the finer things in life.

"This is going out to all you strong women out there striving for greatness ... let's get it / Black Gucci shades, 6-inch heels / If you don't come from nothing you don't know how it feels / I used to dream dreams of the life that I live now," Jackie rapped.

Critics flocked to Twitter to weigh in on the new music, with many expressing their confusion at Jackie's attempt to transition from reality TV star to singer.

"Wait waaaat? Since when is Jackie Christie a singer?! Lawwd what is the world coming to, Jackie girl plz have a seat boo," Liza tweeted.

"Surprisingly it's not that bad Jackie Christie got rhymes," Daaimah S. Poole tweeted.

"Jack Christie has a song out? What in the hell. I need answers! Done with the crazy foolery," Jermayne tweeted.

Jackie's new music could become infused as a plotline on Vh1's "Basketball Wives LA" and her cast mates will likely have a lot to say about her quest for a singing career.

After becoming widely unpopular among the cast during season one due to her outlandish behavior, Jackie appears to be spending much of season two attempting to make amends with her co-stars.

"It feels like everything is just up in the air, there's no connection ... I really miss those girls. I wonder what they're doing and I really feel bad that they decided to go the route of making up stories and acting like it was one thing when it wasn't, but at the same time I've gotten past that but it still hurts," Jackie told her husband Doug in the season two premiere episode.

"It's very difficult for someone to admit when they're wrong, for me it's not. Ok yeah, there were parts in it I played I shouldn't have done sorry ... but I'm willing to apologize ... I'm willing to move forward and its up to them to meet me halfway," she explained.