'Basketball Wives' Nia Crooks Blames Jennifer Williams for Face Slap

Nia Crooks, the assistant who became famous for physically assaulting a cast member on Vh1 reality TV show "Basketball Wives," has spoken out about the incident and refuses to accept any responsibility.

Crooks, a Harlem, N.Y. resident, has responded to a criminal lawsuit recently filed by Jennifer Williams. She maintains that the 39-year-old brought the face-slapping incident upon herself, according to TMZ.

The widely condemned villain argues that the physical assault was "caused in whole or in part by the culpable conduct, carelessness, contributory negligence or assumption of risk of [Williams]."

During episode 9 of "Basketball Wives," viewers were confronted with a violent scene where Crooks-who works from Williams' co-star Evelyn Lozada- threatened to assault Williams during a heated confrontation before eventually doing so and beating her across the face.

Williams claims that the beating caused her severe physical and emotional injuries- something Crooks has dismissed as nonsense. Crooks and her attorney Javier Solano are now requesting that a judge dismiss the lawsuit entirely.

Vh1 and Shed Media executives, who produce the show, along with some of the show's cast members, are reportedly arguing that Williams has no right to sue anyone because the risk of injury was outlined in her contract.

"Participant expressly assumes the risk of any physical or emotional injuries participant may suffer as a result of participant's participation in the project," the contract states according to TMZ, and Williams is said to have signed it.

Williams, who was recently fired from the show over the incident, spoke out about being assaulted by Crooks and explained her decision to file a criminal complaint.

"Violence used against any person is wrong but when a woman hits another woman it sets a horrible example for young girls everywhere. I choose to use the justice system to fight back," Williams told the Daily News.

"I was sitting at the conference room table and this girl starts arguing with me out of nowhere, [Nia's] not even on the show. She hit me with her open hand on my cheek. I've never been hit in my life!" she added.

"Basketball Wives" producers are now reportedly plotting to due Williams for using legal action against Crooks, arguing that it has tarnished the show's brand.