'Basketball Wives' Star Jennifer Williams Drops Lawsuit Against Nia Crooks

Crooks Tweets About God Turning a 'Mess Into a Miracle' and Freedom to Move On

Jennifer Williams, former star of "Basketball Wives," is dropping her lawsuit against Nia Brooks, the assistant who slapped her last January on national television.

Williams, 39, claimed that she suffered from psychological damages after Crooks slapped
her on the popular VH1 reality television series. Still, Williams decided to officially abandon her lawsuit against Crooks earlier this month due to the stresses of dealing with a pending divorce from former NBA player Eric Williams.

"(Jennifer is) already dealing with her difficult divorce and did not feel that it was necessary to continue to pursue civil action," a representative for the reality television star told TMZ recently.

Still, Williams took to Twitter to tell over 500,000 of her followers that Crooks would still face consequences for the assault that took place on episode nine of "Basketball Wives."

"FYI dropping a civil lawsuit doesn't mean you don't have to deal with the criminal charges," Williams tweeted.

Last month, Crooks was not ready to admit that she was at fault for the slap that led to Williams' filing a lawsuit against her.

"(It was) caused in whole or in part by the culpable conduct, carelessness, contributory negligence or assumption of risk of [Williams]," Crooks said in response to the lawsuit, according to TMZ reports from last month.

However, Williams told the New York Daily news about the importance of fighting against the violence initiated by Crooks.

"Violence used against any person is wrong but when a woman hits another woman it sets a horrible example for young girls everywhere," Williams said in a previous interview. "I choose to use the justice system to fight back."

Crooks, introduced on the reality television show as the assistant for cast member Evelyn Lozada, took to her own Twitter to thank God and overcome the negative situations in her life.

"You need to know that God has a way of turning any mess into a miracle," Crooks tweeted on Tuesday. "The time to move past negative stuff is now. In a real sense, freedom can begin today, at this very moment – at this very second."