Batman in Afghanistan: 'Bagram Knight' Teaches Safety to US Soldiers and Civilians (VIDEOS)

Safety is an important concern to soldiers and civilians alike. For this reason, the United States Army in conjunction with the American Forces Network Afghanistan has introduced Bagram Batman.

"Bagram Batman: Serving justice to those not wearing their eye pro, reflective belts or just being unsafe since February 2013," the safety character states on his Twitter account.

As his Twitter suggests, the Bagram Batman has been selected as the Army's new frontman for teaching safety precautions to soldiers and civilians alike in Afghanistan. To further implement those lessons, the Army and AFNA have also constructed new safety video that features their new star.

In the videos, Batman can be seen running up to soldiers and pointing out what they are doing incorrectly.

"Where is your weapon?" the Batman roars in one of the videos, in an attempt to mimic the voice of Christian Bale. Angry, he then throws the weapon in the soldier's arms and ties him up to ensure that the soldier has learned his lesson.

"Swear to me!" the Bagram Batman insists at the end of each video, making the soldiers promise to be more safe the next time around.

Bagram Batman's uniform consists of full army fatigue, paired with a batman mask and, of course, his famous black cape. So far, Bagram Batman isn't the most popular figure on social media. Currently, he has just over 100 followers on Twitter.

While the Bagram Batman attempts to impose serious safety instruction, he also appears to give soldiers a good reason to laugh.

"And remember to use Hand Sanitizer, You never know when you could get Pink Eye!!!" one of Bagram Batman's tweets warns.

"You are sooo funny! We watch your vids here in Afghanistan to get a kick start back to reality, especially when things suck!" one of the character's followers posted.