Batmobile May Fetch $5 Million: Adam West's Legendary Car for Sale in Auction (PHOTO)

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(Photo: Reuters/Rose Prouser)Actor Adam West, who portrayed the title character in the 1960's television series "Batman," poses atop the original Batmobile used in the hit series during an appearance at the first annual RetroFest, August 14 in Santa Monica.

The Batmobile may fetch $5 million at an auction this weekend. According to reports the famous Batmobile used in the legendary Batman television series will go up for auction in Arizona this weekend, with hundreds of fans of the hit show set to have an eye on the vehicle.

The Batmobile used in the show was a Lincoln Futura, created in 1955. The actual car used in the show has been on display in a Hollywood shop since 1968. It was placed there because that was where the car had been built. It has been its home since the TV show series finished in 1968.

The show has reached cult status with many remembering fondly the series starring Adam West and Burt Ward.

The popular vehicle used in the hit show has bulletproof Plexiglas bubbles on top, and was the car that every Batman fan wanted to own in the 60's.

Experts have predicted that given the popularity of the Batmobile and the Batman franchise as a whole, the vehicle could sell for as much as $5 million at the auction this weekend.

The car is currently owned by George Barris, who is famous for making vehicles for numerous popular TV shows over that period, including the Beverly Hillbillies, and The Munsters.

Barris has reported that it took him 15 days to convert the Lincoln Futura car into the Batmobile, and set him back about $15,000. That fortnight of work and $15,000 could now became $5 million for him.

The Batmobile will be sold at the famous annual Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, and it has been described by NBC as the "car-a-palooza of auto-collecting."

The auction company's record total of what is sold at their annual auction came in 2007 when they sold goods worth $108 million. However, it is widely expected that this year will be the one where they beat it.

Here is a video showing clips of the legendary Batmobile from the hit TV show: