'Battlefield 1' DLC News: DICE Teases Plans to Revamp Matchmaking System

(Photo: Electronic Arts)A promotional image from the "Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass" DLC.

"Battlefield 1" players who are not into buying all that downloadable content (DLC) will not have to worry about a stripped-down gaming experience.

DICE is working on something that will allow these gamers to get the most out of the matchmaking system of the shooter. This is what DICE art director Johannes Fors assured during a chat with PlayStation Lifestyle.

"I can't go into detail, but we have something up our sleeves," he said, assuring that they have not forgotten this section of the "Battlefield 1" player base.

"We are listening to the community and we know they're concerned, so that's why we addressed this issue. There will be something announced soon," he went on to say.

Gamers should hear more about DICE's plans for the matchmaking side of "Battlefield 1" in the coming weeks. For now, the focus is on the release of "They Shall Not Pass," the first DLC for the game.

It brings the French army to the fold, a new game mode and adds four new maps, namely Fort De Vaux, Rupture, Soissons and Verdun Heights.

There will be three more DLCs coming to "Battlefield 1." The next expansion that fans can expect is called "In the Name of Tsar," which adds the Russian army and maps set in "snow-covered ravines" and a "freezing archipelago."

It will be followed by "Turning Tides," in which "Battlefield 1" players can battle it out in the daredevil Zeebrugge raid, the Gallipoli offensive and more.

The post-launch support will wrap up with "Apocalypse," which is all about conquering "bitterly contested ground with brutal tools and unique weapons."

DICE has also expressed interest in releasing a single-player DLC for "Battlefield 1," according to "They Shall Not Pass" lead designer, Valerian Noghin.

"Since the single-player was so successful, it's definitely on our radar," he revealed. "But at this time, we're committed to our four expansions, and those are only multiplayer. But again, we're listening, and we know that people really appreciated the single-player. So did we," he went on to say.