Battlefield 4 Beta: Developers Fixing Bugs, Glitches, and Improving Gameplay for Release Date

Battlefield 4 developers DICE are now taking all the data and feedback they received from the people beta testing the game and are making changes.

DICE is hoping to have all the glitches, errors, and tweaks in for the game's launch on Oct. 29.

DICE released a list of the changes. Starting with infantry changes, some of the fixes are regarding the accuracy of different weapons, throw distances for throwing ammo picks and other items for teammates, revive time, and off timing for certain actions, reported

Changes to vehicles involve increased damage, inaccurate portrayals for vehicle weapons, steering, and targeting issues.

The overall accuracy of weapons and the their distance between targets was fixed, also, the locking on mechanism.

Just last week Battlefield 4 beta added the new Obliteration mode this week to coincide with the already running Conquest and Domination modes.

In Obliteration mode, a bomb will appear randomly at a location. Both teams will then have to compete to see who picks it up. Whoever gets it first will have to run it over to their opponent's base, drop it at an objective, then set it off, and "obliterate" the target.

After that first bomb goes off, another spawns randomly and the round begins again until all three objectives are destroyed.
 Spectator mode will kind of serve as a scouting view for gamers looking to get an edge up on the competition.

The spectator will be able to watch the action in a variety of views including: first person, third person, tabletop, and free cam, Battlefield makers revealed in a statement.

A player can keep tabs on all team points, stats, vehicles, and anything else of importance.

Battlefield's Conquest is the main multiplayer mode for the game that sees players duke it out in a free for all battle, or in teams.

Amazon is also offering a Battlefield 4 bundle, which includes the game, and a PS4 for $399, when the console becomes available.

The game launches on Oct. 29 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. In November, it will release for the PS4 and Xbox One.