Baylor Sanctions, School Punished for Recruiting Tactics

Baylor University could now face sanctions from the NCAA for making impermissible recruitment calls which began in 2008.

During an NCAA investigation, Baylor was discovered to have made over 1,200 impermissible calls in a 29-month span. According to the ESPN, both men's and women's basketball coach Scott Drew and Kim Mulkey were involved, although the coaches assistants were the ones to make the calls and will also face charges.

Brittney Griner, who was just named the Final Four's Most Outstanding Player during the NCAA championship, was one player recruited during the time under investigation. Griner was named the nation's no. 1 high school basketball player.

At the opening of the investigation, Baylor imposed some of its own restrictions, which cut back the period of time in which coaches were permitted to recruit. The restrictions also cost both men's and women's basketball teams two scholarships and limited the number of visits recruiters could make.

New infractions could also be imposed by the NCAA and may be revealed as early as sometime this week, following the completion a 66-page report which details the violations. While other violations were listed, according to the ESPN a focus was put on "phone calls and texts."

"The report concluded that Drew demonstrated a 'failure to monitor' of the activities of two of his assistant coaches and that there also was an overall 'failure to monitor' by the institution, which found 405 additional impermissible calls and text messages from nine different sports, ranging from football to the equestrian program, from January-July 2011, during its investigation," the ESPN confirmed.

Whether the NCAA will accept the set infractions that have already been placed by Baylor or add new ones remains unknown.

The investigation was prompted by the recruit of Brittney Griner and attempted recruit of Shawn Williams Jr., who later signed with a different school. Griner released any information necessary for the NCAA investigation upon request.