Be a Team Player, Not a Benchwarmer!

 Why does everyone on an athletic team wear the same uniform? They want to be identified as a part of the team and their opponent wants to know what team they represent. In all my years of athletics, from pee wee to college, I always loved wearing the team jersey. I wanted to be identified with my team and feel the same way to this day. I have t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, ties, jackets even cufflinks of my alma maters Boston College and Duke University. And I wear them with pride because I want everyone to know that I am associated with such great schools and teams.

What identifies you as being part of God's team? Simply going to church occasionally or even regularly is not enough. What identifies you is being a member of a local church. Being a Christ follower makes you part of The Church but membership is what identifies you as a part of a local church. The membership commitment communicates clearly that you represent Jesus Christ through your local church. Here are four reasons why you should be a member of a local church.