Bear Steals Dumpster: Video Goes Viral of Bear Stealing From Restaurant in Colorado Springs (PHOTO, VIDEO)

A video of a Bear stealing a dumpster from a restaurant has gone viral on the Internet after the incident took place in Colorado Springs recently.

A video of a Bear stealing a dumpster has gone viral. This screen shot shows the bear in action during the incident.

The bear apparently wandered into the restaurant's parking lot recently. On the video the bear can be seen leaning up against the dumpster before pushing it along the concrete, before eventually tipping it over.

An Edleweiss employee wrote under the surveillance video on the company's Facebook page, "Intruder stealing the dumpster last night."

The post added, "WOW. This must be the Mama."

The restaurant owners have admitted that they only recently installed the surveillance system so it was just by chance that they caught the bear incident on the video.

The restaurant in question had been suffering from vandals and graffiti and so had decided to install cameras to try and catch the culprits. However, they never expected to see a bear running off with one of its dumpsters.

Dieter Schnakenberg said, "We've only had [the system] for a few weeks now. We just wanted to protect the place a little."

Schnakenberg has now said that the restaurant will look to lock the dumpsters up to their fence from now on so that they are not stolen by any other overzealous bears.

Here is the video footage from the surveillence camera showing the bear entering the restaurant's parking lot and pushing a dumpster away: