Beating the Devil, Graffiti-Style

 An Oregon church was tagged with Satanist graffiti earlier this week, but instead of restoring the walls to their original appearance, students in the church's youth group covered the graffiti with a mural expressing their faith.

Samuel Wilson, the youth and worship pastor of New Vision Church in Beaverton, Ore., told The Christian Post that when he and other church workers arrived at their facility on Wednesday morning they discovered that two of the building's outside walls had been vandalized with spray paint. The vandals painted an upside-down cross – a symbol often associated with Satanism – on the front of the building and the number 666, which is identified in the Book of Revelation as the "number of the beast," on its side.

Wilson says after seeing the graffiti he planned to repaint the wall its normal shade of white, but he was forced to wait until the church could file a police report. While waiting, church workers came up with another idea.