'Beauty and the Beast' Season 2 Spoilers: Cat and Vincent Will 'Grow as Individuals'

Many fans of popular CW show "Beauty and the Beast" are eager to find the answers to the show's many cliffhangers. For spoilers from showrunner Brad Kern and executive producer Jennifer Levin, read on.

Kern recently sat down for an interview with TV Guide. He spoke about whether or not Catherine will actually move on.

"The design of this part of the season is for Cat and Vincent to grow as individuals. They came together so fast for kismet, epic reasons, but that's not a long-term relationship. You have to figure out who you are separately which is painful, but also comedic and adventurous," the showrunner said.

"You got the perfect guy right there who's handsome, rich, working hard to make his amends, trying to be protective of her. It's hard for a woman who's been dealing with a beast who's made some really bad choices not to look over at the perfect guy that every mother would want their daughter to marry and give him a second look," Kern continued. "It would be inauthentic if we didn't play that. Does that mean that it's at the ultimate expense of Vin and Cat? Well the show is called Beauty and the Beast so we'll end up supporting that."

Levin also spoke to TV Guide about how Catherine is attempting to move on.

"She's trying. If she's going to move forward in her life then she's going to explore other possibilities for sure. There's no bigger VinCat shipper than me, but I have been won over by Gabe a bit. So I'm not upset because it feels like she deserves it," she said.

Kern also spoke to the fact that Vincent has recently revealed his identity, and how that will change the show.

"It changes it fundamentally, but it's New York so it's a big deal for a minute," Kern said.