Beaver Creek Fire 2013 (Map): Idaho Wildfire and Hailey Update - 105,000 Acres Burned, 9 Percent Contained (Evacuation Info, Photo, VIDEO FOOTAGE)

The Beaver Creek Fire in Idaho has continued to spread on Tuesday, and is quickly becoming one of the most devastating wildfires in 2013.

(Photo: Inciweb/Google Maps)A Beaver Creek Fire 2013 Map as on Tuesday morning, Aug. 20, 2013.

The huge blaze has now reportedly spread over about 160 square miles and has forced the evacuation of about 2,300 homes near the central Idaho resort communities of Ketchum and Sun Valley, according to The Washington Post.

Huge resources are being drafted into the region with more than 1,200 workers now fighting the blaze, as well as 19 aircrafts aiding them.

The Idaho wildfire was reportedly sparked by lightening on Aug. 7 and has since spread fiercely across the region.

By late on Monday, authorities confirmed that the fire was now contained by just 9 percent and fire crews were still struggling in most areas to stop it spreading.

(Photo: Reuters/Jim Urquhart)People look at a map of the fire as flames leap at the Beaver Creek wildfire outside Hailey, Idaho August 18, 2013. Firefighters readied for a massive ground and air attack on Sunday against a wildfire in central Idaho that has forced the evacuation of some 2,250 homes and threatens the posh Sun Valley ski resort.

According to reports, about 105,000 acres have been scorched by the wildfire in the Baker Creek area north of Ketchum, Idaho, and properties owned by a host of Hollywood celebrities have also come under threat including, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis and Steven Spielberg.

On Monday about 400 residents were allowed to return home, following their evacuations, however, they were allowed back only under the condition that they remain on "pre-evacuation" status, and should be ready to move again immediately if ordered.

Nearly 2,000 other residences remain under mandatory evacuation, according to the Blaine County Sheriff's Office.

Recently the elements have not been kind to firefighters looking to tackle the blaze. Over the weekend, conditions were hot and dry, and winds nearly up to 40 mph hit the region, making the challenge even more tough for fire crews.

On Monday, however, winds did die down slightly, and firefighters were able to reinforce a fire break they are setting up from the top of Bald Mountain in an effort to protect the town of Ketchum.

Traci Weaver, a spokeswoman for the fire management team, said, "It's been hot. It's been dry. The vegetation here is extremely dry. It's a perfect firestorm."

Kevin Noth, lead meteorologist for The Weather Channel has said, "There's better news coming. It looks like more clouds and higher humidity for midweek. There might also be some thunderstorms, which could bring some rain - but the possibility of lightning, too."

The latest evacuation information as released by the Blaine County Sheriff's website at 11 a.m. ET is shown below:

Take your essentials belongings and pets and GO NOW. Once you have left you will not be let back in until the Evacuation Order is lifted.

**Galena Summit south to North Fork (SNRA Headquarters) on both sides of Hwy 75 including Easley.

** Glassford Heights North to SNRA on both sides of Hwy 75 including Fox Creek, Eagle Creek, Chocolate Gulch and North Fork Trailer Park

**Hospital bridge south up to the north side of East Fork on both sides of Highway including Broadway Run and the Meadows

**Greenhorn Gulch, Golden Eagle, and Timber Gulch south down to Treasure Lane west of Hwy 75

**All Deer Creek from the Hwy 75 west

** Treasure Lane south to including Aspen Lakes west of Hwy 75 (does not include Northridge)

** Croy Creek Canyon from Big Wood Bridge west

Be prepared to leave immediately if conditions change

** East Fork Canyon

**All Ohio Gulch, and Heatherlands

**Indian Creek and Valley Club

**The west side of the bike path in Ketchum from Elkhorn Road and Hwy 75 north to Saddle Road

**Residents of Hailey west of River Street including Queen of the Hills Drive, Sherwood Forest and Della View Subdivision (Does not include Albertson's)

At this time the Blaine County Sheriff is announcing the lifting of
Mandatory Evacuation and Return to PRE-EVACUATION status for the following areas only:

EFFECTIVE 11:00 a.m. Tuesday August 20, 2013.

Residents of East Fork Canyon including Triumph will be allowed to RETURN to PRE-EVACUATION STATUS.

This Return Notification does NOT include any other areas at this time.

Please maintain situational awareness and be prepared to depart again IMMEDIATELY should conditions change.

We will continue to analyze fire activity hourly to determine when it is safe to allow residents to return to their homes.

Return Notification Updates will be sent out to areas as soon as possible.

NB: The above information is only correct as at 11 a.m. ET Aug. 20, 2013. For further information and for further updates please visit the Blaine County Sheriff's Office website directly by CLICKING HERE.

Here is video footage from the Beaver Creek fire 2013: