Beaver Kills Man: Fisherman Bleeds to Death in Horrific Beaver Attack (VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube/MrMoviePlex1 Screen Shot)A beaver is shown in this screen shot, just before it attacked a man.

A beaver has killed a man in eastern Europe, according to authorities. A fisherman is reported to have been attacked by a beaver as he attempted to get close to take its photo. However, the beaver felt threatened, attacking and killing the man.

The unidentified victim was reportedly fishing on Lake Shestakov in Belarus when he spotted a beaver at the lake. The Telegraph has reported that the victim was trying to get a good snap of the beaver when he attached, biting the man's leg and severing a main artery with its sharp teeth.

The victim was reportedly with two friends at the time, and they rushed to his aid and tried to stem the blood loss. However, so severe were the injuries that they were unable to stop the flow, and the man ended up bleeding to death from his injuries.

Beavers are nocturnal, semi-aquatic rodents known for using their powerful teeth to chomp through trees to build dams on rivers or streams. Although attacks by beavers are relatively rare there have been numerous reported instances of attacks.

In 2012 in Pennsylvania, another beaver attack took place in which a Boy Scout leader fell victim to a beaver as he swam in the Delaware River.

In that case the beaver used its large sharp teeth to bite the leader's legs, buttocks, arm, hand, and waist.

The scout leader did put up a fight in that incident and eventually managed to get ahold of the beaver and drag it to shore where his scout troop battered it to death with stones.

In yet another beaver attack in Russia, a man managed to capture the attack on video. The video footage of that incident, which was uploaded to YouTube recently, can be seen below: