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Becca Kufrin Officially Named as the Next 'Bachelorette'

Becca Kufrin Officially Named as the Next 'Bachelorette'

Becca Kufrin, 27, will be starring in the next season of "The Bachelorette" following the tremendous heartbreak she faced at the hands of "The Bachelor," Arie Luyendyk Jr. | Facebook/TheBachelor

It looks like "The Bachelorette" has found its next star in Becca Kufrin.

With the tremendous heartbreak that she had recently suffered, Becca Kufrin finally gets another chance at love by becoming the next "Bachelorette." The news was confirmed during "The Bachelor's After the Final Rose" special, and there is without a doubt that America is rooting for the 27-year-old after all that has happened to her in "The Bachelor." Hopefully, when she takes up that mantle, Kufrin would finally be able to find the love that she deserves.

It should be remembered that during the finale episode of "The Bachelor," Becca Kufrin was chosen by bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. as his final rose with the two officially getting engaged. However, a few months after their engagement, it seems like Arie had quite the change of heart and opted to break off his engagement to Becca in order to have a chance with his runner-up, Lauren Burnham.

Unfortunately for Becca who was unaware that Arie had already been questioning his feelings for her, their break up had been publicly aired on live television. Many had criticized the network and the show for airing something people deemed to be personal on live television but nevertheless, something good came out of it for Becca, despite the tragic ordeal she had to face.

As for how she feels about Arie, the man who broke her heart, the 27-year-old says he doesn't have hate in her heart for his former fiance. "I'm still going to feel a sense of compassion for him because I did love him," she said. "But at this point, I want him to be happy, I want to be done and not have to worry about them anymore. They're going to be together and do their thing. I want to move on and have my person that I can focus on and live my life with," Becca continued.

Not only that, the reality TV star says she's quite ready to take on the role of "The Bacherlote" but is also scared at the same time.

"It does scare me," Becca confessed. "I'm sure it would [scare] any human, knowing that I was just engaged, I was in love. But I have so much love to give and I want just a partner in life. I'm not afraid to date these guys and find the one who is the best fit for me — I welcome that with open arms," she further stated.


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