Beckham Going to China?

David Beckham has completed his 6-year contract with L.A. Galaxy and rumor has it that the soccer star is headed toward a contract with a Chinese soccer club.

Following his 6-year stint with Galaxy, the British athlete was initially believed to be moving back to his native London, and was even spotted house hunting with his family.

Today, it seems as though Beckham and his wife, designer Victoria Beckham, may move their four children further away.

Several reports indicate the soccer star has been offered a contract with the team Shanghai Shenhua and he is allegedly in talks with the Chinese Super League squad.

If Beckham decides to play for China, the team will reportedly net him a minimum of 250,000 British pounds (US$406,325) per week in addition to 20 million pounds (US$32.6 million) in merchandising deals, according to

While he did not offer any hints about a decision, Beckham admitted his numerous choices.

"I'm lucky because at 37 years old, I've been offered some exciting options, I've got quite a few offers on the table," Beckham revealed to Sky Sports.

The athlete is taking his time with the decision, according to ESPN, and this is not the first time the midfielder has done so.

Beckham has played for three teams over the course of his career; beginning with Manchester United from England, Real Madrid from Spain, and the U.S.'s L.A. Galaxy, and he has seen titles with all three.

"He has cracked Europe and America, he now has the chance to become huge in China and the Far East," a source told The People.

"This is a huge decision for him," the insider added. "While David wants one final challenge in football, a move to China is about more than that. It will push Brand Beckham to a whole new level."

Other offers Beckham is rumored to be considering include are those from English clubs such as QPR and West Ham United ,as well as French club Paris Saint-Germain.

Beckham has already rejected an offer from France's Monaco for refusing to bow to his "excessive" money demands, L'Equipe reported.

Meanwhile, Beckham, his wife, and their sons Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz and daughter Harper, were reported to have spent the holidays at a luxury resort in the Maldives.

"It's the best resort in the Maldives and they are staying in the most expensive rooms," said an insider told The Sun.