Jennifer Garner Baby Boy Named Samuel Garner Affleck

Jennifer Garner's baby is finally announced. The name of her 3-day-old son is Samuel Garner Affleck.

The Jennifer Garner baby's name was revealed via Affleck's official Facebook page. Ben Affleck made an announcement around 1:00 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

"We are happy to announce on February 27, Jennifer gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Samuel Garner Affleck," read the brief post.

The power couple's decision to name their newborn Samuel Garner Affleck reflects both Affleck's Bostonian roots, as well his mother - it's the first time her last name has been added to any of their three children's names.

In addition, their choice to go with a traditional name in Samuel is actually non-traditional for their family; the couple chose to name their daughters unique names - while Violet, 6, is certainly different, Seraphina, 3, is practically unheard of.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's selection is much better than what their two daughters suggested, though. Garner revealed to People magazine in August 2011 that her children had Disney-themed names picked out for their soon-to-be baby brother.

"[They suggested] Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse Affleck … and then they moved on … [to] Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Smee," said the actress.

The two 39-year-olds first began dating in 2004, and got married in 2005. Noticed by the media for their tendency to stick together, their family seems to be getting only closer knit.

Fans of the two were ecstatic that they had named their new baby boy.

"Congratulations! May he be a happy and lucky boy! And thanks for sharing your happiness with us," wrote Patty Bekou beneath his Facebook announcement.

"Congratulations ... Samuel is a beautiful name :) … Best wishes to the whole family from Austria," chimed Kathrin Koller.

Affleck, who has taken breaks from acting to direct, is close to completing his next directorial work, "Argo." Garner will be seen in the aptly-named butter-sculpting comedy, "Butter."