Ben Higgins Lauren B. News: 'Bachelor' Couple Seem To Be Going Strong Months After Calling Off Their Wedding

(Photo: Screengrab/ABC/The Bachelor)Ben Higgins starred in Season 20 of ABC's "The Bachelor."

The Bachelor nation was shocked in November after news emerged that Ben Higgins had called off his wedding to Lauren Bushnell, or better known as Lauren B. However, new photos and a sweet video have proven that the couple are still together, even after they decided to delay their wedding.

Lauren B. has posted a couple of photos and a video that seem to be indirectly giving fans an update about how her relationship with Higgins has been after the wedding was called off. One photo shows the "Bachelor" season 20 stars sporting shirts that advertise humanitarian organizations She Lift and Humanity and Hope.

Another image shows the couple in what appears to be a dinner date. They smile to the camera as Lauren B. holds on to Higgins' waist.

Finally, a short video features Lauren B. placing a kiss near Higgins' cheek. While the kiss does not touch the reality star's cheek, fans were quick to comment that the couple looked happy and cute together.

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Earlier this month, Entertainment Tonight caught up with the couple where Higgins revealed that while they were happy to share their journey with the entire Bachelor fan base, they realized that some things should definitely be kept just between the two of them.

"Some of those things are meant to be private. Some of things are meant to be just between a couple, kind of working through it together," he explained.

Lauren B. went on to explain that the two of them decided that they will start planning their wedding after the holiday season. "After the holidays, we're going to settle down, we're going to start talking about the wedding. So after this, that's when the conversation starts!" she said.

When the wedding was called off last year, some fans started worrying that the couple may no longer be happy with their set-up. Higgins explained at the time that he thought they were rushing. For him, it's better to take things slowly.

Higgins and Lauren B. have yet to announce the exact date of their wedding.