Bergeron Hospital Release: Star Center to Make it for Game 6 of Stanley Cup? (VIDEO)

Boston Bruin's star center Patrice Bergeron was released from the hospital on Saturday night after suffering an undisclosed injury against the Chicago's Blackhawks in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup.

The center appeared to suffer an injury during his first shift of the second period, cutting his shift short before returning to the bench where he repeatedly hunched over in apparent discomfort. Bergeron played a second, even shorter stint, later on in the second period before removing himself from the game completely. Later that night he was transported to the hospital but released within hours. On Sunday morning the player returned home with his team.

Boston Bruin's coach Claude Julien was hopeful that the center would be able to return by Monday night's game. The coach was unwilling to disclose any detailed information regarding Bergeron's injury.

"Yes. He's day-to-day," he said according to Fox Sports. "Well, isn't that good enough? Day-to-day."

Julien would also not comment on the location of the injury stating only that it was a "body" injury. Later he added: "It was an injury that wouldn't let him finish the game," Julien said.

Fellow teammates were also hopeful that Bergeron would be able to return for Monday's game. One teammate, Brad Marchand, applauded Bergeron's efforts to return with the team.

"He's good," Marchand told Fox on Sunday. "He came back with us and everything so hopefully he can play tomorrow."

Regarding the questions about the player's injury, Marchand was also ambiguous with his responses.

"He looked really good today," Marchand said. "He had a nice suit on, very dashing. [Laughter] Obviously, he's a big part of the team and hopefully he can play tomorrow." Some reports have suggested that they player may be suffering from a spleen injury.

The Bruins will need to pick up speed in order to force a game 7. The Blackhawks now have a 3-2 series advantage going in to Game 6 on Monday in Boston.