Bernie Fine Molestation Victim Jailed for Sexual Misconduct of Minor

Zach Tomaselli, who accused former Syracuse University assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine of molestation, is now in jail for violating probation stemming from his own sexual misconduct of a minor.

Tomaselli, 23, was arrested on Tuesday for giving a minor a ride, after violating a court order to stay away from minors.

Lieutenant Mark Cornelio described the arrest that took place in Lewiston, Maine.

"We received information from a concerned citizen that he was seen in a vehicle with a person under the age of 18 which is a violation of his bail," Cornelio said in a Reuters report. "Officers investigated on Tuesday and determined they had probable cause to arrest him shortly after at his residence."

Tomaselli was put on probation when he sexually touched and exposed himself to a minor at a day camp in Maine where he was a counselor.

In his own criminal case, Tomaselli is charged with sexual assault, exposing himself to a child and unlawful sexual touching. He told Reuters he plans to plead guilty and regrets the pain he inflicted on the boy at the Maine day camp.

Meanwhile, in the case against former Syracuse coach Tomaselli claims that he suffered “severe mental anguish and horror."

The 23-year-old troubled former camp counselor said the former coach molested him in a hotel room after an away game when he was 13. Although three people have come forward to allege various unlawful sexual acts against Fine, the former Syracuse coach has denied involvement.

Donald Martin and Karl Sleight, Fine’s lawyers, alleged that Tomaselli was lying about his claims.

"It appears now that there is proof that Tomaselli fabricated this allegation. The incredible damage that Tomaselli has inflicted on Mr. Fine cannot be overstated,” the statement read. “We are hopeful that federal authorities will soon come to the same conclusion regarding Tomaselli's lack of credibility."

However, Tomaselli has been standing by his claims and even admitted to Fine’s act having a correlation with his own sexual misconduct against a minor.

“I am taking this action to support the other men who have come forward and to do everything I can to protect other kids from harm by Bernie Fine and powerful men like him," Tomaselli said. "I know I have done harm to a child… and for that I am deeply sorry and need to be truthful.”