'Best Butt' Discount Offered by Texas Restaurant: Just Fun or Offensive

A Texas restaurant has tried to offer a quirky new feature by offering a "best butt" discount to its customers.

Texas-based eatery "Twisted Root Burger Company" is well known for being a bit on the edge, and now according to Gawker the restaurant has been amusing customers by offering a new kind of discount.

Most have taken the discount, which awards money off for those with the "best butts," as a simple joke, but no doubt the offer has raised a few eyebrows. Some online comments about the discount have suggested people could easily be offended, and also that most customers do not want their waiter or waitress checking them out prior to giving them their bill.

It seems that most have not been too offended by the discount, which probably is due to the fact that the discount being offered is just 2 cents. However, reports have suggested that the money off will be given when a server assesses a customer and believes they deserve the title of "best butt." Once the server authorizes it, the customer's discount of 2 cents will be put on the bill.

A receipt of the discount on a bill has been posted on Reddit. A worker from the restaurant replied to the post explaining that it was all a bit of fun: "I work at Twisted Root! We have these random discounts we can give out for fun."