Best Buy Black Friday 2011: Retailer to Give Early Bird Shoppers Free iPads?

Christine Orta Camps Out Nine Days Before Black Friday to Snag Best Deals

One eager Floridian shopper gives a whole new meaning to the term "early bird."

Christine Orta, a student, set up camp at the St. Petersburg Best Buy on Wednesday, nine days before the annual shopping holiday Black Friday on Nov. 25.

Orta, along with three families, will share supplies as they camp for over a week in Tyrone Square Mall, waiting for the biggest shopping day of the year.

Orta told Tampa Bay Online that at Best Buy, you cannot beat "some of the deals they have on plasma flat screens and laptops, and you get to buy it in large quantities all at once."

"We're all students and we've got to pinch a penny. It's affordable right now," she added.

During Black Friday 2010, the Thain family and the Davenport family lined up at the same Tyrone Square Best Buy on Friday, Nov. 19, earning them the nickname "First Family of Black Friday."

Best Buy rewarded the two eager mothers of the families with new iPads for being first in line.

Will Best Buy reward Christine Orta and her fellow campers again this year?

For the first time, Best Buy will open its doors at midnight on Black Friday 2011 to satiate the demands of eager shoppers.

"At Best Buy, we're focused on creating an unparalleled shopping experience for our customers," said Best Buy's Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Barry Judge.

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the official start of America's Christmas shopping season. Many stores offer promotional sales to lure customers and jump start holiday revenue.