Best iOS Apps Now Free to Celebrate Apple's Fifth Anniversary of App Store

The best iOS apps are now free in Apple's App Store and the giveaway coincides with the fifth anniversary of what is now the largest distribution platform for mobile devices. The App Store has over 900,000 third-party apps developed and over 50 billion apps downloaded since it's opening July 10, 2008.

Some of the best iOS apps that are available are also the ones that cost money to download. Though Apple estimates that about 37 percent of their approved applications are free, sales such as this one push many users to grab these temporarily free apps while they can.

The first app made free around the Apple Store's anniversary is Infinity Blade II, a sword-swinging slasher made easy with simple swipes on the screen. The RPG involves a mysterious warrior fighting his way through a castle with a variety of weapons, armor and magic to choose from. Normally it costs upward of $5.99, but is free right now.

Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery is a critically-acclaimed, artistic game with a different approach to role-playing games with an emphasis on social media.

Where's My Water? is a popular puzzle game suitable for all ages that is easy to learn, but difficult to master.

Badland is similar to another app, Jetpack Joyride, but with a much tougher difficulty and darker, smoother graphics. Tiny Wings, which is comparable to top app Angry Birds, is also available for free download.

More than just games are being offered for free currently. There's also Traktor DJ, which before cost $19.99 but is now free, Day One, an interactive journaling app, Over, a graphic font and picture app, How to Cook Everything, and Barefoot World Atlas, which introduces the world to a younger generation.

Apple has not yet commented on all the free apps.