Best Super Bowl Commercials from 2012 Super Bowl

Super Bowl commercials demand almost as much attention as the actual Super Bowl and the best Super Bowl commercials are still being talked about the day after.

The theme of Super Bowl commercials in 2012 was dogs, babies and cars and one of the top Super Bowl commercials was an Acura ad for the new Acura NSX.

The commercial featured comedian and actor, Jerry Seinfeld. He spent the entirety of the ad trying to convince a man to let him be the first to buy the exclusive car, only to be outdone by Jay Leno.

Fox News had the Acura ad number two the Ferris Bueller pre-game commercial. The Audi commercial that introduced "bright-as-day" headlights seemed to follow the played-out vampire theme. But when vampires started exploding from the bright headlights, the commercial took off.

The Doritos, "You Didn't See Nuthin" commercial was third on the Fox list playing into the animal theme.

According to CBS, the Clint Eastwood commercial for Chrysler earned the most buzz. The ad, which celebrated a re-emergence of the auto industry in Detroit, sparked a sense of pride for the Detroit area. Michigan State University advertising expert, Bob Kolt said the commercial was rare.

"We didn't really rate it because it wasn't inside the action of the game, so we didn't compare it to everything else," Kolt said. "But people who saw it, I think we moved. Particularly they would be in the Detroit area and were likely proud."

Another Doritos commercial was considered a top Super Bowl ad, according to the The Globe and Mail. Using the baby theme this time, Doritos showed a baby being slung from his baby seat to relieve a teasing boy of his bag of his chips. Ace Metrix ranked the commercial as its best.

Tied with the Doritos baby commercial was the M&M's "Just My Shell" Commercial. It featured a new brown M&M, who party goers thought was naked.

Other commercials worth an honorable mention was the Sketchers ad that showed a French bulldog racing greyhounds; the Kia, "Mr. Sandman" commercial, which showed a man stealing his wife from the arms of Fabio in her dream and the Volkswagen, "Working Out Like A Dog" commercial that showed a dog slimming down to fit enough to chase after the new VW bug.