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Beth Moore: Too Many Christians Are Consumed With Fear, 'Biggest Fraidy Cats of All'

Beth Moore: Too Many Christians Are Consumed With Fear, 'Biggest Fraidy Cats of All'

Popular speaker and author Beth Moore gives a Bible study to 60,000 students about the significance and symbolism in the Lord's Supper at Passion 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday, January 9, 2013. | (Photo: Passion 2013 Conferences)

Author and speaker Beth Moore is arguing that many people are being led by fear in this present day, that the devil has been waging it and that Christians are "the biggest fraidy cats of all."

"100 years from now, if Jesus tarries, imagine Satan reminiscing over this era. "Oh yeah, those were the days alright. All I had to do was get them swept up in fear & it did the rest. Led a whole nation by it. And the funniest part? Christians were the biggest fraidy cats of all," Moore wrote in a string of tweets Wednesday.

"We have not just caught the world's fears. We are leading out in them. My brothers and sisters, these things should not be so. We may call ourselves Christians but we cannot call ourselves Jesus followers and be led by fear. They are going polar opposite directions."

She went on to explain that Jesus warned in the Gospels that there would be many causes for fear but repeatedly commanded his own to not be afraid.

"This was meant to set us apart in eras of terror. This was meant to attract people to our fearless Leader," Moore said, referring to Jesus.

"Fear makes horrible choices then heinous choices. Its daily confession of faith is 'God, thou art weak but thine enemy strong.'"

She added: "Fear fuels hate. It is incapable of loving its neighbor. Fear refuses to change because the devil it knows is not as scary as the devil it doesn't."

Moore has in recent days spoken out about the corruption in the evangelical church and how she believes God is at work cleansing it, and the need for an outpouring of the Holy Ghost. Earlier this month, in a letter to her brothers in Christ that went viral, she wrote about how she has experienced misogyny within conservative evangelical circles, particularly the Southern Baptist Convention.

"Fear cannot and will not evangelize. It can't because its witness proves false," she continued Wednesday.

"It may use all the right words and follow all the right formulas but hearers are onto its inauthenticity. 'How can I believe what you say when you don't?' Fear and faith cannot coexist. One WILL flee."

Moore concluded that we have "one shot" at this life, and that fear is a waste.

"A whole cloud of witnesses comprised of those who have gone before us watches us. They did their job. They proved trustworthy in a terrifying world. This is our chance. It won't come twice."

"When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?" she said, citing Luke 18:8.

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