Bethenny Frankel Miscarriage: 'I Blamed Myself'

Former "Real Housewives of New York" star Bethenny Frankel has opened about the suffering she experienced during her miscarriage.

The 41-year-old entrepreneur first revealed the miscarriage earlier this year, but is now sharing more about the pain she and her family endured while speaking to Glamour magazine.

Frankel, who founded the million-dollar Skinnygirl drink mix brand, became pregnant after what her doctor deemed a high-risk age. Already mother to Bry, 2, Frankel admitted the pregnancy at age 41 was "way worse than last time."

Although she followed her doctor's orders carefully, she and her husband Jason Hoppy lost their baby.

"I got dressed, we met the doctor in his office, and I launched into it," Frankel recounted. "'Is it because I'm busy? My lifestyle? Is this my fault?' I asked."

The doctor interrupted the reality television star saying that it was "absolutely not" her fault.

"'You're 41, you had bleeding, there's nothing you could have done,'" Frankel quoted the doctor, before adding, "And I hadn't done anything. Since I'd found out, I'd been lying down for an hour or two every day and letting others take up the slack. But I blamed myself- of course I did."

Moreover, Frankel divulged that she had learned the baby's gender- she would have had another girl.

"I fell to pieces," the Bravo star shared. "I was picturing Bryn with a little sister. Two little girls in rain boots."

While Frankel and Hoppy want to have more children, the "Skinnydipping" author admitted that she often gets upset when people ask if they will.

"When you ask a woman in her forties that question, it's not always her choice," she explained. "She's leaving it up to fate, simply saying, 'If it's meant to be, it will happen.'"

Frankel first revealed her miscarriage in February during the "Today Show." At the time, Frankel said the experience gave her a new appreciation.

"That was a very emotional experience and it had a lot of different things that came with it," she said. "Thinking about women who can't have their own baby, even the first baby, I'm lucky."

Frankel's interview appears in the July issue of Glamour magazine, available on newsstands Thursday.

The "Bethenny Ever After" star has debuted her talk show this week on Fox. Produced by Ellen DeGeneres, "Bethenny" has already seen good ratings.