Bethenny Frankel Pens Book About Becoming Single Mother Following Divorce

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(PHOTO) Twitter: @BethennyBethenny Frankel previously denied that she and Jason Hoppy are divorcing

Bethenny Frankel is reportedly writing a tell-all book about becoming a single mother amid her ongoing divorce from Jason Hoppy.

The talk show host, who is admittedly devastated over her failed marriage, filed divorce papers shortly after after separating from Hoppy, 41, around Christmas time. The Skinny Girl Entrepreneur has reportedly wasted no time getting back to business as claims that she is currently working on what some fans predict will become another bestselling book.

"Bethenny has been writing and documenting her feelings in the beginning stages of the divorce," a source told

"The book will explore the struggles and compromises all single mom[s] face," the source continued. "It will deal with the delicate balancing act that is being a single mom, and the guilt she feels because her daughter Bryn will now come from a broken home, something she never wanted for her little girl."

Hoppy, who is the father of Frankel's 2-year-old daughter, recently filed his response to her divorce petition. The real estate agent reportedly wants primary child custody along with all medical and dental insurance costs covered by Frankel. He also allegedly plans to contest the estranged couple's 2010 prenuptial agreement.

"Jason is absolutely going to fight against the prenup terms because he has nothing to lose at this point," the source said.

"He feels that when he met Bethenny she was just in the beginning stages of launching her SkinnyGirl cocktail line, and he gave her a lot of free marketing advice and help. She relied on him a lot during that time, and he believes that's what helped her build a brand that was ultimately sold for $100 million," a separate source previously revealed.

Frankel, who is estimated to be worth between $25 million and $55 million, is also being asked by Hoppy to pay for any fees (particularly attorney and accountant fees) he incurs during the divorce proceedings.

While critics expect that Frankel will undoubtedly be furious with Hoppy's requests, particularly since she is asking the court for the exact same things as he is, she will allegedly not bash him in the book. Readers have been advised not to "expect Bethenny to go negative against Jason in the book. She knows that will turn off readers; she will absolutely address the emotional toll the divorce has taken on her, but she won't openly bash Jason," according to the source.