Bethenny Frankel Promotes Talk Show: 'I'm the R-Rated Oprah!'

Bethenny Frankel recently compared herself to renowned talk show host and media proprietor, Oprah Winfrey while discussing her talk show.

Frankel, 41, recently launched her very own syndicated talk show "Bethenny" on the FOX network and she revealed that sex is one of the show's recurring topics, according to In Touch Magazine.

"I'm the R-rated Oprah!" Frankel told In Touch. "I'm talking about what my friends are talking about every day. We aren't talking about politics- we're talking about dating, marriage and what men think."

While sex is often considered a taboo topic for people to discuss publicly, Frankel, who is renowned for her unfiltered personality, explained that sex will openly be explored on her show.

"Someone says they don't have enough of [sex], and someone else says it's boring. But the bottom line is, I'm just like many of the married women in America who watch my show. Sometimes we just want to spice it up a little bit," Frankel said.

The talk show, which is distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution, has already proven a hit among viewers with various celebrities including Justin Bieber and Mario Lopez already making recent appearances.

Frankel recently spoke out about her marriage to Jason Hoppy on the premiere episode of her talk show.

For months, reports have swirled suggesting that the couple of one year are headed for a divorce and Frankel finally set the record straight.

"No I have not seen divorce lawyer, my husband hasn't seen a divorce lawyer ... basically the press has said that Jason saw a divorce lawyer and I saw a divorce lawyer and like there's this whole big thing going on and the truth is I put it all out there on my show -- if it's out there I'll tell you," Frankel told her audience.

"I'm in a good marriage, we have issues, we are not perfect ... we work on it everyday ... we're committed," she added.