Bethenny Frankel Slams Divorce Rumors, Says Marriage is 'Good' (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters: Chip East)Author and editor Anna David, who put together a compilation of essays about reality TV by well known writers, readily admits her obsession with Bethenny Frankel and the other Real Housewives of New York, which was stoked by following their Twitter feeds.

Bethenny Frankel has denied that she and her husband Jason Hoppy are divorcing and insists that while the pair do face marital woes on a daily basis, they remain "committed."

During the premiere episode of her syndicated daytime talk show "Bethenny," the mother of one responded to questions about an alleged divorce, according to

"No I have not seen divorce lawyer, my husband hasn't seen a divorce lawyer ... basically the press has said that Jason saw a divorce lawyer and I saw a divorce lawyer and like there's this whole big thing going on and the truth is I put it all out there on my show -- if it's out there I'll tell you," Frankel told her audience.

"I'm in a good marriage, we have issues, we are not perfect ... we work on it everyday ... we're committed," she added.

Hoppy, a pharmaceutical sales rep and real estate broker, is seen applauding Frankel while seated in the audience after she clears up divorce rumors.

The couple, who has been married for one year, has faced divorce rumors for several months since they began publicizing he stains of their marriage on their hit Bravo reality TV show "Bethenny Ever After."

"They are going to get a divorce … it's imminent," a source told Star Magazine, adding that they individually met with divorce lawyers recently.

The divorce rumors quickly went into overdrive when Frankel's estranged mother, Bernadette Birk, agreed and said that the 41-year-old "doesn't have any respect for marriage."

"Right now, [Jason] is a good father, but soon she won't need him and she will dump him. Her husband seems like a really nice guy, but it won't last. He is really too weak for her," Birk told star magazine.

Birk argues that Frankel puts money before friends and family and consequently ruins all of her relationships.

"It's all karma," Birk said, adding that "this was dead in the water even before it began."