Betty White's Rap Video Nears One Million Views

Betty White, the iconic grandmotherly figure, has a highly talked about rap music video on YouTube that is closing in on the one million view milestone.

The recent surge of "I'm Still Hot" by Luciana featuring Betty White occurs at the same time that White is celebrating her 90th birthday.

White, who recently turned 90 on Jan. 17, paired up with English pop star Luciana Caporaso late last year for a remix of the singer's smashing single "I'm Still Hot."

Throughout the video White appears to be comfortable letting the lyrics flow and being surrounded by quite a few chiseled men. Also in the video with Luciana there are cheesecakes being eaten, hip dance moves and a boa constrictor from the Los Angeles Zoo.

"Music videos are not necessarily close to my heart, but animals always are," White told Fox. "I'm always comfortable with them."

White continues, "My beloved husband, Allen Ludden, when we would have a photo shoot he would always put a dog in my lap. They would have to shoot me from the neck up, but I'd always be so relaxed."

White's natural voice was recorded for the final track of the song, in one of her lines that she raps White says: "I'm living life at the top. Guess what? I'm still hot."

 "It's a switch for me I will tell you, but it's fun and they gave me these nice young men to work with that are built like little brick houses," White said. "It's challenging, but the boys are being so dear with me."

This is the Hollywood icons very first rap song and music video. White is an outspoken animal lover and has stated that some of the proceeds from the song, which is currently being sold on iTunes, will go towards the Los Angeles Zoo.

White also serves on the Los Angeles Zoo's board of directors.