'Beverly Hills: 90210' Jennie Garth, Luke Perry in Real Life Romance?

Jennie Garth and Luke Perry recently fueled rumors of a romance during an interview and although her representative insists that the pair are just friends, fans continue to speculate whether the pair are romantically involved.

Garth's rep, Arnold Robinson, insisted that his client and Perry are just best friends, according to The New York Post, however various media outlets reported that the pair appeared to be more than friends during a recent filming for an Old Navy television ad.

In a recent interview, Garth, who recently ended her 11-year marriage to Peter Facinelli, suggested that Perry has been a part of her support system throughout her marital woes.

"Luke has been one of my friends who I can call and talk about stuff and has been through something himself," Garth told In Touch magazine.

The 40-year-old is currently working with Perry, 45, on two projects, one being the Old Navy commercial and the other is said to be a new TV show that they are both co-producing.

"Luke's one of my best friends. It's really great to do something together," Garth said.

Perry, who also went through a divorce in 2003, said that working with Garth is ideal because he enjoys spending time with her.

"I love spending time with her," Perry told the magazine.

The pair is best known for their roles as Kelly Taylor and Dylan McKay in the hit 90's TV show "Beverly Hills, 90210," in which they played on-and-off lovers who were stuck in an endless love triangle involving Brenda Walsh, played by Shannen Doherty.

Fans of the actors flocked to social networking site Twitter upon news of a rumored romance, with many expressing their delight at a real life romance.

"Kelly and Dylan together in real life?? This makes me embarrassingly happy," Amy Keller Laird.

"Kelly and Dylan from 90210 together after all these years!!" Dayna Comito tweeted.

"If these Jennie Garth - Luke Perry rumors are false, I don't want to go on," Heather tweeted. ‏