Beyonce and Jay-Z Divorce Rumors Swirl, 'On The Run' Tour 2014 Ticket Sales Unharmed

The rumors surrounding the divorce of Jay-Z and Beyonce have been out for a few months now and it has no signs of letting up until the couple themselves dismiss the allegations. Then again, if the couple do end up getting divorced, it will be a pretty big deal for the showbiz industry.


Of course the rumors started out small and were enough to manage; only appearing in rumor websites. As the months passed, the rumors grew pretty big and even began appearing in big entertainment websites like Us Weekly.

Then again the rumors have been running around for roughly four months now with the couple still in a seemingly stable marriage, even staying together in the same suite during their "On the Run" tour. In all likelihood, Jay-Z and Beyonce aren't even considering divorce and the rumors have been moot all along. Nothing is still certain though and things might take an abrupt turn for the worse.

The rumors started in May when a video was released in the stream, showing Jay-Z getting in a fight with Beyonce's sister Solange after a night in the Met Gala. Solange was mostly on the offensive with Jay-Z simply taking the hits and Beyonce watching still on the sideline.

Then there were speculations that the rumors would have a direct effect on the ticket sales of their "On the Run" tour. As it turns out that the rumors didn't have any effects on ticket sales as Brett Goldberg, founder of TickPick, explained.

This month, however, there have been rumors that Beyonce herself has considered divorce with Jay-Z, beginning to show signs of protection for their daughter, Blue Ivy.

Until the couple themselves comment on the whole issue of their divorce, it is important to take these rumors with a grain of salt.