Beyonce Baby Pictures: Where and When to See Photos of Twins

REUTERS/Lucy NicholsonFeatured in the image is singer Beyonce.

Although Beyonce and Jay-Z have yet to announce the arrival of their twins, various reports have been swirling that the 35-year-old singer already gave birth earlier last week, especially when a photo went viral online. 

An unidentified woman was photographed carrying a bouquet of blue, pink, and purple flowers with two pink and blue balloons, as well as a card that had "B + J" written on it, in the same hospital in Los Angeles where Jay-Z and 5-year-old daughter Blue Ivy were spotted the day before.

Although the couple or their representatives have not revealed the genders of the twins, the viral photo has led to speculations that the "Lemonade" singer has given birth to a baby girl and a baby boy. For those who are waiting for the first photo of Beyonce and Jay-Z's newest members of the family, they may have to wait a little while, just like with Blue Ivy's reveal a few years back. According to Inquistr, it can be recalled that the couple waited almost a month before sharing the photo of their first child with the world.  Some fans believe that the first reveal of the twins is going to happen on Beyonce's Instagram page. A fan even tweeted: "#Beyonce has reportedly given birth to the twins, which means her next Instagram photo will be the greatest photo of all time."

Despite reportedly having given birth on Monday last week, the twins are still allegedly in the hospital. According to a report on TMZ, the doctors did not feel comfortable releasing Beyonce and Jay-Z's babies just yet because of a "minor issue," which has not been made public for now. 

However, a source told the celebrity news website that the twins, as well as Beyonce, who is reportedly also still in the hospital, are expected to be okay.