Beyonce Belongs on Amy Winehouse Remake, Not Andre 3000, Says Singer's Father

Mitch Winehouse, the father of late singer Amy Winehouse, does not approve of rapper Andre 3000's contribution to the remake of his daughter's song, "Back to Black."

"I just heard the Andre part of Back to Black. Terrible," Mitch Winehouse Tweeted. "He should have let Beyonce do it all."

The late Winehouse's original record was co-written and produced by Mark Ronson, and the remade version was released recently featuring singer Beyonce Knowles and Andre 3000. While the Winehouse patriarch seemed unhappy with the final result, Ronson seemed happy to hear his song recreated by some the well known names in music.

"It's a wonderful sort of take on our song," Ronson said on his EastVillageRadio show Friday night. "I'm flattered and honoured. I know Amy would be too."

The "Back to Black" remake will be featured on "The Great Gatsby" soundtrack, which will be executive produced by Knowles' husband Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter. Last week, Mr. Winehouse found himself clarifying statements after he became the subject of an article claiming that Knowles did not do his daughter's song justice either.

"I don't think she brings anything to it," Mr. Winehouse said in a Daily Mail report. "I wasn't asked for my permission if they could record it."

However, Winehouse finally agreed to let the "Back to Black" re-recording take place for the right price.

"They have got to pay for the privilege, which is what they are doing," Winehouse reportedly told Daily Mail. "I can't tell you how much it is but it's a lot of money."

The Winehouse patriarch clarified his statements concerning money on Twitter and let it be known that his family helps others with the money they receive.

"Something for you haters," Winehouse tweeted. "We continue to feed the homeless and generally help disadvantaged kids and in 45 schools with Amys resilience [program]."