Beyonce Fan Faints After Singer Hugs Him, Incident Goes Viral (VIDEO)

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A Beyonce fan fainted after the 31-year-old singer touched his hand and reached down for a hug during one of her concerts recently. The "Love On Top" songstress was singing one of her older hits, "Irreplaceable," when another concertgoer managed to capture the incident on his phone.

The Beyonce fan who fainted was in the front row at one of the stops on the singer's Mrs. Carter Tour. While she belted out the familiar tune, he reached up his hand in excitement, singing along. Beyonce noticed and held his hand, which sent the fan into a frenzy.

But things weren't done there. Because the man was so clearly thrilled at meeting the singer, Beyonce knelt down to give him a hug and many of the concertgoers cheered the moment. Afterwards, the man mouthed "I love you" and promptly passed out while those close to him watched.

The incident has racked up 448,000 hits on YouTube, possibly because of its name— the fan account Beyonce Carter dubbed the video "Beyonce Fan Catches The Holy Ghost."

The fainting Beyonce fan has gained some fans on YouTube as well.

"I live for that guy. LOL," wrote johnosahon.

"That was awesome! I love seeing spontaneous joy!" another user said.

Others couldn't resist poking fun at what could be Beyonce's biggest fan.

"The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you!" frankp4 wrote, referencing horror movie "The Exorcist."

This isn't the first time Beyonce has interacted with fans during her Mrs. Carter world tour. The "Crazy in Love" singer was performing in London and gave British Princess Eugenie the chance to sing "to the left, to the left," but the 23-year-old ducked in embarrassment.

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