Beyonce, Jay-Z Celebrate Wedding Anniversary in Cuba (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO) Twitter: @_lisaBlueIvyBeyonce poses with locals in Cuba

Beyonce and Jay-Z were photographed celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary in Havana, Cuba on Thursday.

The Hollywood power couple appeared happy and relaxed despite being mobbed by fans while taking a stroll in the island capital. They were later seen enjoying a romantic meal at popular restaurant La Guarida.

"She was beautiful, without a drop of makeup, very natural," waitress Silvia Fernandez told the Daily Mail. "What happened with the people was incredible."

Beyonce, who kicks off her "Mrs. Carter World Tour" on April 15, was was spotted wearing an African print inspired ensemble and sporting dark brown braids. Jay-Z, 42, wore shorts and a polo and puffed away on what appeared to be a Cuban cigar.

"Beyonce and Jay-Z look so happy together, congrats on making it last after 5 years in Hollyweird," Patty. M wrote on social networking site Twitter.

"Has it been five years already? I'm impressed, good for them. Bey and Jay are so real, congrats," Siar tweeted.

"Not surprised they made it work. Unlike others, Beyonce and Jay-Z aren't attention seekers. They have a REAL marriage. #welldone," Dougie tweeted.

Also there to celebrate with the couple was Beyonce's mother Tina Knowles and Jay-Z's mother Gloria Carter. Both women accompanied their children on their trip to the Caribbean Island.

Beyonce was seen bonding with her mother and mother-in-law during her much-needed break. The singer has been busy rehearsing in recent weeks for her upcoming 5-month tour, during which she will perform over 64 shows.

On April 15, the Grammy award-winning singer will begin her tour in Serbia and move to other parts of Europe. She will then make her way to South America and wrap up the tour in North America.

Beyonce received criticism for naming her tour in honor of Jay-Z. Some questioned whether she still stands for the "independent woman" values she previously espoused in other songs.

"I feel like Mrs Carter is who I am, but more bold and more fearless than I've ever been," Beyonce told British Vogue in defense of her decision. "It comes from knowing my purpose and really meeting myself once I saw my child."