Beyonce, Jay-Z Hosting $40,000 Per Head Obama Fundraiser

Beyonce Knowles and Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter are preparing to host a $40,000 per head fundraiser event for President Barack Obama's re-election campaign.

The Grammy award-winning artists will host the elite event at Jay-Z's 40/40 nightclub in New York City on Sept. 18, according to The New York Post.

The guest list has reportedly been capped at 100, and although it is yet to be finalized, critics expect some of Hollywood's biggest and brightest stars to be in attendance.

The prominent couple, who has been married for four years, played active roles in Obama's 2008 presidential campaign and were actively campaigning on his behalf in the months leading up to election day.

They attended Obama's 2009 inauguration ceremony and Beyonce, 31, performed her own rendition of the late Etta James' classic song "At Last" during Obama and First Lady Michelle's first dance at the Inaugural ball.

Beyonce and Jay-Z's fundraising event is expected to be Obama's last before the November election. Obama is also scheduled to attend a private reception earlier on that same day where families have the option to pose for a single photo with the President for a $12,500 contribution.

The news follows reports that Beyonce and Jay-Z are trying to conceive their second child seven months after the birth of their first.

"They see no reason to wait. It took them a while to conceive Blue Ivy, so they don't want to waste another second," a source told Star Magazine.

"Beyonce and Jay-Z adore being parents, and they're as hands-on as they possibly can be. Beyonce has found a passion other than music, and it's being a mom," the insider added.

Beyonce revealed that while she is committed to expanding her family, she and Jay-Z are yet to determine how many more they want in total.

"I definitely want to have more [children]! I don't know how many. God knows I don't know yet," Beyonce previously told E! News.