Beyonce, Jay Z Not Separated Despite Tabloid Report

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(PHOTO) REUTERS/Pascal RossignolBeyonce and her husband Jay Z

Beyonce and Jay Z are not considering a separation, despite a false report claiming otherwise.

The Hollywood power couple was subject to false separation reports on Wednesday when a US tabloid claimed Beyonce, 32, wanted out of her five-year marriage to the Hip Hop mogul, 43. Insiders insist that while no marriage is perfect, Beyonce and Jay Z, otherwise known as Shawn Corey Carter, are not heading for a divorce.

"They are not thinking of a separation. They actually are trying to figure out how to hang out more," a source told

"Their marriage is fine, they are working on getting together more for the holidays and nobody should expect a break up, separation or divorce," the source added.

Since April the "Grown Woman" singer has been traveling around the world for her Mrs Carter World Tour and while Jay Z has accompanied her during several stops, work commitments have reportedly forced them to spend time apart. The couple shares a one-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy.

"[Beyonce] would like for them to hang out and be together a little more as her tour is providing stress to a marriage that is not only important to them, but an entire fan base," another source said.

"They have normal relationship problems being parents. It just happens that these two are two of the hugest stars in the world, so just imagine that situation on top of a regular relationship," the source explained.

Weeks before kicking off her current tour, Beyonce was photographed celebrating her fifth wedding anniversary with Jay Z in Cuba. Their mothers, Gloria Carter and Tina Knowles, were also along for the celebratory trip.

"I would not be the woman I am if I did not go home to that man," Beyonce told Oprah about Jay Z earlier this year.

The Grammy award-winning singer revealed that she and Jay Z were close friends for at least 12 months before their friendship evolved in the early 2000s. The pair would communicate via phone frequently and Beyonce believes that building a friendship is key to success in any relationship.

"That foundation is so important in a relationship and just to have someone that you just like, you know, is so important and someone that is honest," she said.

Beyonce has received criticism from feminist groups for naming her tour in honor of her husband. Some questioned whether she still stands for the "independent woman" values she previously espoused in other songs.

"I feel like Mrs. Carter is who I am, but more bold and more fearless than I've ever been," Beyonce told British Vogue while defending her decision. "It comes from knowing my purpose and really meeting myself once I saw my child."