Beyonce Kid President Interview (VIDEO): Singer Helps Commemorate United Nations World Humanitarian Day (PHOTO)

Best known for his Internet alter ego Kid President, third-grader Robbie Novak sat down with Beyonce yesterday to discuss World Humanitarian Day.

A UN-sponsored commemoration of fallen aid workers, Kid President commemorated their lives by focusing his brief interview on inspiration and aspiration.

Kid President opened the interview asking who had encouraged Beyoncé as a child.

(Photo: Youtube/Soul Pancake)Kid President interviews Beyonce at the United Nations World Humanitarian Day

"My mother encouraged me," she said. "It's so important at that age to feel encouraged and know that you have someone supporting you and standing by you."

Kid President explained to Beyoncé that in honor of the day, he was asking people to share what the world needed more of.

"I think it's so important for us to take some time and be unselfish and have compassion, because we really can impact the world," said Beyoncé. "I think the world needs more strong empowered men and women."

"Ah strength. Good answer," Novak said.

Before concluding the interview, Kid President checked with Beyoncé about the status of their relationship.

"Are we best friends?" he said.

"Only if I get a kiss on my cheek," said Beyoncé. "Come on, Kid President!"